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Link to Prototype app

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Final Paper

Final Paper Angel Cabreja   The Time Manager   The Time Manager   Hello, My name is Angel and I am here to discuss and explain my app that I created called “The Time Manager” . The app itself was created to make time management more digital and easily adaptive while we live our everyday …

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Map Link Assignment

Designing technology part 2- why are maps important ?

From my perspective I feel like maps play a crucial role in our activities that include having to travel from one destination to the next, it allows us to have a solid route to the destination saving us time and frustrations from getting lost or going the wrong way. Google has also taken things up …

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Mid term presentation

Presentation   Presentation

Draw Post Assignment

This is gonna sound corny but the drawing aspect of this made me think back to my childhood, I never knew how to properly draw but that never caused me to lose interest in art. So I would draw stick figures to represent people and draw clouds as well as half of a sun with …

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What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have made to society?

The biggest impact to me would be in fact the mobility that has came with wireless and mobile media, society relies on our mobile devices to stay in consistent connection with networks which allows us to constantly use it for any day to day problems or situations that are bestowed upon us. it has allowed …

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Crowd Sourcing – a useful marketing strategy

Crowd sourcing is best defined as a process that consist of collecting information, data, and opinions from various large groups of individuals in the internet, the people involved can be paid or unpaid depending on the circumstances at hand. The groups of people that are involved with crowd sourcing are typically used to help companies …

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Search Engine –

My search engine named would be “” . The reason I finally was able to choose my search engine name is because of the many filtered options my search engine would have, for example I would allow users when searching the web for relevant resources about a particular topic they are researching for I would …

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Why do people create content online ? Blog #2

the creation of content online by we the people has grown rapidly and still continues to do so as technology evolves which allows us to be more creative with it.  when a content is created that may cause a sense of amazement and entertainment, we often feel like the right thing to do is to …

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