Designing technology part 2- why are maps important ?

From my perspective I feel like maps play a crucial role in our activities that include having to travel from one destination to the next, it allows us to have a solid route to the destination saving us time and frustrations from getting lost or going the wrong way. Google has also taken things up a notch with allowing you to search a place and even provide extra information like a phone number, google reviews, and has a small checklist of common things people look for, it even gives you an estimated time of arrival, shows traffic, AND gives you different routes allowing you to choose the best one. Maps have allowed humans to get the luxury of convenience in terms of traveling from point A to point B and allowing us to know how long it will take , how far it is, and which is the fastest route.  The creation of a map is amazing but when we began to digitalize maps where we can access it from our devices is something we can learn to appreciate more !


  1. Make sure you create your own map and add it to your weekly post for this week. Try to find a data set to make your map more interesting.

    1. I got you professor !

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