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Final Paper

Final Paper

Final Presentation-Link to demo/Google slides

Demo   The Social Shutdown-final

Designing With Technology – Part 1 P5 Assignment

Hey Professor, I was not able to share a link but this ended up being my image after messing with some examples. This turns out to be rocket science to me. The example helped a lot, but I moved the moving images around and created this. This is what looks like a square coming out …

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Midterm -Social Shutdown

Social Shutdown App

Week 6 – What are the effects of NFTs on the Internet? Are they good or bad?

An NFT is basically a new type of digital asset. An Example of that is basically if an author was to sell the writings to his story as an NFT, if he was to do so he could never alter this story but the person who owns it now who has an NFT can change …

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How is Crowdsourcing changing methods of labor on the internet?

  Crowdsourcing is changing the methods of labor on the internet by taking away labor jobs for a business as small as taking photos. In the article “ The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe it states “Menashe emailed Harmel to say that, regretfully, the deal was off. “I discovered a stock photo site called …

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Blog 2- A Week without Google and Facebook

Essentially, I believed this assignment would be very very easy for me considering how I don’t have any social media platforms on my phone like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I havent for about 2 years now and I do not regret it, but this is not a Social Media assignment this is Google we are …

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Blog 1- Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

In the video Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of Open, linked data he described linked information as follows: boxes with loads and loads of data, which would then lead to getting lots and lots of things sprouting from this data. In most of these plants it’s not just 2 boxes full of data supplying life for these plants …

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Week 1- Network Theory

Where would we be without transportation  networks, communication networks and especially energy networks. This is something Anna Nagurney stresses in Networks – The Science-Spanning Disciplines. We never think about how we would would get anywhere if it wasn’t for transportation networks. So many of us use apps that help us get to our daily activities …

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