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App Prototype: Hal-Foodie


Maps – Best Halal Places NYC

Designing with Technology- Circles of a flower

I tried to create a flower, using many circles.

Midterm – Ethikal App

Ethikal App

What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have to society?

Because technology is constantly growing, we, as consumers and people, are easily influenced by technology and the digital era. One of the greatest inventions of all time is the mobile phone. People can conduct ordinary tasks with mobile phones since they are tiny enough to fit in their hands. a device that you can carry …

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What are the effects of NFTs on the Internet? Are they good or bad?

Technology is progressing at a fast pace. It comes as no surprise to me that artwork can now be digitalized using NFT. NFTs, in my opinion, have both advantages and disadvantages and can be utilized for both good and negative purposes. It is dependent on the intended application of the NFT. NFT appears to be …

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How is Crowdsourcing changing methods of labor on the Internet?

One of the numerous advantages of the growth of technology and digital media is the ability to crowdsource. In simple terms, crowdsourcing is the process of gathering information from individuals or organizations in order to gain commodities or services such as ideas, votes, and microtasks from a small or large group of people. Crowdsourcing is …

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Search Engine

If I had a search engine I would called Quest, because everything when someone is searching for something on the internet, they’re on a quest to find out whatever they are looking for. The design of the search engine would be very simple because that way anyone can use, even if you are not tech …

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Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

I believe that people create content online as a way for people to showcase their creativity to others. It can help them create or connect to a community that has the same interest  as them.  I think what drives them to tag, post and follow is being given the ability to show your creativity and …

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Why are networks important elements of digital media?

As the years have passed we have seen technology grow and evolve into new and innovated inventions. Networks are an important elements of digital media because it helps coordinate, communicate, and collaborate. Digital media can be used in a way to create, view, modified and listen on any digital technology. Digital media is used all …

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