Midterm Project Details

Midterms are on October 27th.. Everyone must be present and ready to present their work. Everyone has 5/8 minutes per presentation. 


Your midterm project should be something that engages critically in the area of technology and communications. So it could be an App idea that helps people solve a social problem or a website that does this.

Step 1: Identify a common social problem (Example: pollution)

Step 2: Think about how you could use a form of technology to help solve this problem

Step 3: Create slides that explain your project

Prepare a slide deck with the following slides:

Remember you should use PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Slides.

Please limit your talk to 5 slides which should contain the following….

Slide 1: Title Slide with Problem Statement: Title of project, your name – Problem Statement: What were you were trying to achieve / discover with your project? Why does the world need your project? What impact do you think it will make?

Slide 2: Details on your Concept

Slide 3: More Details on your Concept

Slide 4: Reasons why we should  believe you that this will be effective?

Slide 5: Last slide with any conclusions you have found as well as  your name / project title / website