Final Projects / Papers Details

The theme of the final project should be an analysis, creative application or App, or digital intervention that examines the impact on technology and communications on society as a whole. 

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How will we communicate in 10, 20, 30 years?

What new innovations will be possible and how will we access them?

The final project should highlight an interesting way that challenges existing forms of communication and media delivery.

Can you invent the next Facebook?  Twitter? Television? Radio? App?

If so, I want to read about it and see a prototype.


The theme of the final paper is to write about your final project. Whether it be an App or application, you should detail what your app does, why you built it, what apps like it exist already and how your app differs from them, and . The final should be a written paper up to 1000 words posted on the blog and on Blackboard.

All final papers should be at least 1000 words and posted on the class website due a week after the last day of class.

Your final papers should be formatted according to this template:

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your final has sharing settings to public or if you don’t want it to be public, you can add my email address to the sharing settings.

Here is a link to that template your final papers for Google Docs:

You can use p5.js, Framer, or any other prototyping software to create your final. Just be sure to include screenshots of your app or prototype in your paper to explain it better. Here is an example of a paper from a previous year: CUNY CENTRAL APP

Examples of finals from Fall 2020: MCS 366 Finals


Slide 1. Title Slide: Title of project/idea, your name, one image that represents your project

Slide 2. Problem Statement: What were you were trying to achieve / discover with your final?

Slide 3. Demo

Slide 4.  Details on your Proposed Technology / Idea

Slide 5. More Details on your Proposed Technology

Slide 6. Conclusions – / Future Ideas – Why should we believe you that your idea will take over the world?

Slide 7. Last slide with your name / project title / website