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Final Presentation

App Prototype: Muskra

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Designing With Technology (Map – Under 21)

Blog #9: Designing with Technology

Blog #7: Impact of the Internet

The Internet has turned our world on its head. It has transformed communications to the point where it is now our preferred mode of communication on a daily basis. We utilize the Internet in practically every aspect of our lives. The Internet has undergone a transformation. It was a static network meant to ferry a …

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Blog #6: NFTs

A non-fungible token is a digital ledger datum that is unique and non-transferable. NFTs can be used to represent easily replicable goods like images, movies, audio, and other sorts of digital assets as unique items, and blockchain technology can be used to provide verified and public evidence of ownership. NFTs have several advantages, including the …

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Blog #5: Crowdsourcing

Historically, technical advancements have been led by the innovations of a few with access to the resources and platforms to influence, but crowdsourcing had reversed this trend. Wired Magazine defines crowdsourcing as “the process of a firm or institution taking a function once performed by workers and outsourcing it in the form of an open …

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Blog #3: Search Engine

The Search engine I have created is “Quote”! Quote is a specific search engine that only searches through articles and archives specifically for your request. For example, if I search up the borough “The Bronx”, Quote will lead different to different articles, books, documents, etc., regarding only the Bronx. Of course, Quote is very similar …

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Blog #2: Content Creation

Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow? People create content for various reasons. To make money, to connect with others, or to get their opinions heard.  Likes, comments, and posts we publish on social media may appear insignificant, yet they are important. We all delve into our addictions, …

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Midterm FA2021: Rental Scams