Blog #3: Search Engine

The Search engine I have created is “Quote”! Quote is a specific search engine that only searches through articles and archives specifically for your request. For example, if I search up the borough “The Bronx”, Quote will lead different to different articles, books, documents, etc., regarding only the Bronx. Of course, Quote is very similar to Google. But what differs between Google and Quote is Quote is specifically geared for studies and fact checks. Generally, more students and people who have research-prone occupations are fit to enjoy Quote more than Google. Quote also has a “Be Specific” button which is an advanced search that requires 3 words or more. This allows the searcher to find exactly what they are looking for (whether it’s specific information or an actual quote) within the first 3 results. Quote takes pride in simplicity and specifically for both personal and research purposes.

.Quote! Search Engine

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