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Wasteless prototype

Iframes not supported My app idea is the same idea I had for a previous assignment. Wasteless is an app that helps the poverty stricken. This app will include a home page, a page for finding restaurants that offer discounted food prices for food that hasn’t been sold by the end of the day. There …

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Places I’ve Traveled To

my drawing with code: shades of red

Midterm project

Midterm Project

What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have to society?

Wireless and mobile media have had a huge impact on society. According to the article, “Without doubt, mobile telephony offers enormous advantages and added convenience, greater personal security, and the ability to take advantage of ‘dead’ time to do business on the move.” One example is Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi used to be only used in homes …

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Week 6

NFTs are Non-fungible tokens. According to the article, What Are NFTs And Are They Here To Stay?, “An NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset, often artwork, that’s not unlike your regular JPEG file. The difference is it’s cryptographically authenticated, meaning the author or creator is verified within an immutable and unchangeable digital record. For some, …

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Crowdsourcing is when large groups of people input information for a company or individuals personal or business use. For example, polls on instagram. Crowdsorucing is changing methods of labor on the internet. One example of this is anybody can get a job, this means that what professionals have gone to school for, amateurs can learn …

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Search engine

My ideal search engine would have lots and lots of filters so I can easily find something instead of endlessly scrolling looking for a specific article or webpage to find the answer I’m looking for. The search bar would be in the middle similar to Google. I would include a dark mode, for sensitive eyes. …

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