Search engine

My ideal search engine would have lots and lots of filters so I can easily find something instead of endlessly scrolling looking for a specific article or webpage to find the answer I’m looking for. The search bar would be in the middle similar to Google. I would include a dark mode, for sensitive eyes. Basically the Filterd (it’s spelled that way) search engine is similar to Google but with much more advanced filters that are more accessible on the initial search bar. For example let’s say I’m trying to search for a certain quote, I want the Filterd to have a filter to search the quote throughout the entire internet.


  1. What do you mean specifically by filters? Having a filter to search the “entire Internet” is a bit like what Google is doing already. Maybe you could make more specific filters like only bring up search results that people you trust personally have followed? Or only show results that the smartest 5% of people with the highest IQs have followed? Those might be interesting ways to see the web in a new light….

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