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My search engine named would be “” . The reason I finally was able to choose my search engine name is because of the many filtered options my search engine would have, for example I would allow users when searching the web for relevant resources about a particular topic they are researching for I would allow them to choose between journals , blogs, or news articles as well as studies. when choosing the filter that best suits them it will only show the credible information desired opposed to extra links that are not relevant or that are missing crucial factors like evidence and an author. I would allow users to also save a filtered feature where clicked links will not show up again and the links that they clicked and liked can be added to a separate folder or tab so that they can continue to find more information and have an easier way to go back to the viewed links. My search engine would also allow users to design their accounts and set up a colored background for when they are on our search engine using their account, different filters and backgrounds can be used to personalize your account making my search engine name hit both definitions of the word “filters” to stand out and be unique


  1. Good idea – similar to Brian’s idea (read below). You should work with him to realize this filter search. Looks like is a “learning company”… Maybe you could could change it to or something?

    1. you right professor ! I agree with your feedback . you know what they say, two great minds is better than one !

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