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MCS 366 Final Paper

Final Paper

MCS 366 Final Presentation

Final Presentation

App Prototype: Environmental Accountability

App prototype

Mapping Best Bicycle Shops in NYC

Designing with Technology

Midterm Presentation

MCS366Midterm- Environmental Accountability

Mobile and Wireless Space

Since its very conception, technology has been constantly evolving and will continue to do so throughout the entirety of our life and beyond. Some of the biggest things which have developed as a result of technology and the internet are wireless and mobile media. Similarly to the internet, wireless and mobile media have had the …

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Without having read the content I’d say that NFT’s have a negative effect on the Internet. Intrinsically I think they are neither. However, this is affected by society and as a result becomes good or bad in relation to the user of the token. After having read the article “What Are NFT’s And Are They …

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Crowdsourcing and User Generated Content

Crowdsourcing has been changing methods of labor on the internet in one very particular and drastic way. It unites many people to contribute their knowledge and expertise towards a specific topic and as a result this lowers the cost of most services and goods. Certain companies are responsible for essentially taking “advantage of the networked …

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Blog 3

My version of an ideal search engine would be something akin to what is used in most websites where products are purchased. For example, bicycles. On any company’s site there are filters which break things down into type of bike, size, wheel size, brand, and price range. In a similar fashion, this engine would have …

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