A Week Without Google or Facebook

This is a topic and assignment often discussed in various classes and it’s my second time participating in it. However, despite this being my second time participating in a similar kind of assignment, my response has not changed. For me life is simpler and even easier, dare I say. More relaxing? Of course. But why? Because I’m living in the present moment instead of being distracted by social media and online content. My productivity also increased and I found myself idling way less often. Instead of idling on my phone, I either did chores around the apartment, read books, or went outside for a bike ride or long walk. In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr mentions how this ease of access to information has been beneficial but at the cost of our attention span. Yet when I disconnect from the internet and social media, I find my ability to focus on a task for extended periods of time to be returned to a healthy level.    



  1. I’m glad you are finding peace with being offline. For a lot of people, they would be more stressed out because of FOMA (Fear of Missing Out) but it depends on how much attention you spend on what people are posting and writing to you about online, etc,,,

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