Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

Online content creation has been something a lot of us have been doing in recent years. There are various reasons people create content online. One reason is for followers. People need some weird validation in their lives that forces them to always feel like they need to be great and always happy, never a bad day. When they do have a bad day, they post about it on social media sometimes even of them crying and by doing this they are trying to seek validation from strangers which is not healthy in my opinion. This need to be wanted and liked by strangers has been very overrated. Another reason for content creation is to help and inform people. For example, a video series of RV building may sound boring but to certain target groups it could be very interesting and help people with the same thing. I believe a lot of people create content to help people, and even entertain. People make daily vlogs to give them a glimpse of their everyday life, but instead of sitting around, they force themselves to go out and do something so their life is always interesting. So people post,tag and follow for entertainment.

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