Mobile and Wireless Space

Since its very conception, technology has been constantly evolving and will continue to do so throughout the entirety of our life and beyond. Some of the biggest things which have developed as a result of technology and the internet are wireless and mobile media. Similarly to the internet, wireless and mobile media have had the biggest impact and contribution to society through the role it has played in connecting people throughout the world. In the article “Social Impacts The Telephone And The Cell Phone Has Had On Society” by Victor Epand, we see the almost magical growth of telecommunications from the early to late 90s. “By the end of 1990 there were just 11 million cellular subscribers world-wide; eight years later that figure had jumped to 320 million”. Convenience has been increased to the max through the usage of wireless and mobile media although according to Epand it is “having a profound effect on our interpersonal interaction”. Wireless and mobile media has also led to somewhat of a legal gray area when it comes to acceptable usage policies between the users of these public wireless networks as seen in the article “WiFi-Hog: From Reaction to Realization” by Jonah Brucker-Cohen. Apart from the legal implications, we also see that the issue between private and public wireless nodes has an effect that “displaces architectural and social boundaries” as stated by Brucker-Cohen. Despite all of these things, the benefits brought about by these means have altered history for the best in my opinion. The global convergence and unification of people from all over the globe is something which is normal nowadays but I’m still left in awe of everything as to me it’s truly something amazing.

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