Mobile and Wireless Space

Over the years, technology, the internet, and all of the components that make up both of these advancements have continued to rapidly and indescribably alter. Those alterations and modifications have changed not just devices and productivity, but the consumers who use them as well. More specifically, they have changed how individuals and communities communicate, receive entertainment, and even work and make a living. Jonah Brucker-Cohen, author of WiFi-Hog: From Reaction to Realization states, “I heard about people using the technology in classrooms and hospitals, with very particular applications that seemed too particular for any mainstream adoption. A few years later, wireless internet (now affectionately called “Wi-Fi”) began to resurface as reports of projects and public community networks began to sprout up.” The internet, particularly wireless internet, has made accessing the internet and all of its websites, apps, and knowledge much more simpler. People of all ages, all over the world are able to retrieve anything online with a few clicks and a good Wi-Fi connection. What was once complex and tiresome is now straightforward and simplistic. Society has been enabled to transform and excel not only technologically, but socially, educationally, and financially. Games, apps, websites, and streaming services, have all been linked to wireless and mobile media advancements allowing the previous ways of watching and using them to shift for the better. Activities and interests that were once only able to be done at home are now mobile and portable. Victor Epand, author of Social Impacts The Telephone And The Cell Phone Has Had On Society says, “Mobile telephony is without doubt one of the most explosive developments ever to have taken place in the telecommunications industry.” The telephone that was once only built into homes is now in our pockets, bags, or hands as we are outdoors and even traveling out of the country. We can now use that form of communication on the move and anywhere in the world that has service. All of these developments have massively impacted our everyday lives. Whether that be our use of the internet, technology, or Wi-Fi, their participation in change has shifted our approach and outlooks on the media, technology, and life overall. 


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