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Digital Media

Digital media is expanding our knowledge for sure. Look at search engines! We have all the information at the touch of our fingers, the palms of our hand. It takes one click to get any information on about any topic you want. But there’s a bad hand dealt when it comes to digital media too. …

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Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

Online content creation has been something a lot of us have been doing in recent years. There are various reasons people create content online. One reason is for followers. People need some weird validation in their lives that forces them to always feel like they need to be great and always happy, never a bad …

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Why are networks important elements of digital media?

Networks are important elements of digital media. Some examples of this include, Maps. Anyone with a phone definitely needs a map to get around, With apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze, I wouldn’t see how anyone can get around, no one knows where everything is obviously. Anna Nagurney talks about that in …

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