Digital Media

Digital media is expanding our knowledge for sure. Look at search engines! We have all the information at the touch of our fingers, the palms of our hand. It takes one click to get any information on about any topic you want. But there’s a bad hand dealt when it comes to digital media too. Anything you post will never be forgotten, it stays on the internet forever. For example, if you are a celebrity and you made a racist comment on your social media page from 10 years ago. Someone will find it and dig it up and post it for the whole world to see and the celebrity will be “cancelled.” In the article, “The Web Means the End of Forgetting,” Jeffrey Rosen states, “the Internet records everything and forgets nothing — where every online photo, status update, Twitter post, and blog entry by and about us can be stored forever.” Jobs also so deep background checks on you so if they see any hateful posts or comments, you most likely won’t be hired.

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