Why are networks important elements of digital media?

Networks are important elements of digital media. Some examples of this include, Maps. Anyone with a phone definitely needs a map to get around, With apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze, I wouldn’t see how anyone can get around, no one knows where everything is obviously. Anna Nagurney talks about that in the podcast.

Another example of an important network element in digital media is communication. Yes we can text and make phone calls to one another, but take that to the next level and use video chat which includes apps like FaceTime and Skype. Anna insinuates that we never really know how important it is that we have access to these things, unless your looking at it from an outside perspective.

In the article “Taming Complexity“, it states, “Today, more than twenty new companies exploit the increasing knowledge of social networks, with applications from discovering business contacts to dating services.” The important element of network can lead to an abundance of opportunities and inventions. Network should be used to take your inventions or businesses to the next level.

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