Blog #1: Network Theory

      People are connected in ways that have never been possible before thanks to digital media. You can simply reach out to any demographic by utilizing networking via digital media. It has allowed for new levels of communication, economic development, and social interaction by eliminating time and geographical barriers. New learning techniques have occurred as a result of the increased use of digital media. Digital media can be used as a great marketing tool through the method of viral marketing. This is explored in the article,  “Viral Marketing for the Real World” by authors Duncan Watts and Jonah Peretti. They explain, “what would previously have been the entire audience for the message also becomes the big seed for a viral campaign in which the newly added people can forward the message to their friends, who may forward it to their friends in turn, and so on.” This demonstrates the significance of networks in digital media. Without those media platforms producing and disseminating information to us the consumers who can share it to more audiences, like a domino effect, there wouldn’t be any viral marketing. Many companies, businesses, and networks use methods like these to market information or products to maintain success. This method is more reliable and predictable than traditional ones because it allows a more predictable outcome and is able to reach larger bodies of audiences. This idea of networking is furthermore explored in the article, “Taming Complexity” by the author Albert-Laslo Barabasi. It explains how companies are using information on social networks to help better understand us. Such as analyzing patterns,behaviors, demographics. For example, this can determine what types of ads might be shown to us. The author explains how we must use the method of ethnography to help better understand and observe human interactions in our society. 

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