Blog #1: Network Theory

Networks are a fundamental component within multiple ranges of disciplines like transportation, physics, technology, and digital media. Networks are undoubtedly rooted in various arrangements of our day to day. For instance, transportation, something that can be easily looked past, is based on a principle of networks to reach a certain point due to the various nodes that it takes to get you to your destination. With that being said, networks are essential to digital media and the consumption of the world wide web. In general, the internet is a super network with “documents connected to each other by URLs” (Taming Complexity). Furthermore, networks provide a primary element to digital media because the “systems follow common laws precisely because the decisions of where to connect are distributed, delegated to the individual nodes”(Taming Complexity). In simple terms, networks follow a dynamic law that improves digital media in information distribution and communications. For example, “Google, whose phenomenal success is rooted in its algorithm that uses the topology of the Web to rank the search results” (Taming Complexity). I found this critical because it touched on the importance of (SEO) search engine optimization, which is the method of improving the volume and quality of commerce to your website through organic search engine results. A better ranking enhances your brand’s visibility, giving you more opportunities to convert fitted candidates into buyers. A great ways for companies or merchants to get their products across to consumers. Additionally, I found it remarkable when hearing the audio Networks: The Science-Spanning Disciplines / Anna Nagurney due to its simplicity and overwhelming complexity. I thought about digital media and how networks play an essential role. Anna Nagurney stated something significant, “In computer science, networks are used to design all sorts of routing algorithms.” And later on, those same algorithms produce the application and make it functional for users to use and companies to track. These are the things that make networks and improves our ability to use the internet.

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