Network theory Blog #1

The network humans have not only created but also evolved has benefited us in a big way, we often use networks to help us get by and keep ourselves organized. For starters, we use applications to help us get information . For people like myself that take public transportation the app called “transit” gives you an accurate time on when a train or bus will arrive at the stop closest to you, the app will also notify you of delays and scheduled constructed work being done in the stations and which stops the train will skip. If you are a driver like myself, you will find yourself using “Waze” or “maps” on your iPhone to not only give you the best route to take but also tells you how long it will take and what time you will get there to the point where it tells you about an accident that has occurred and shows how bad the traffic is on the route chosen. this feature by using networks also allows the app to adjust the estimated time of arrival. We use networks like social media to organize meetings and conference calls. the company I work for in fact uses office outlook to host conference calls where all managers in the district are connected and can communicate all at the same time. networks have allowed us to have cellular devices that allow us to make phone calls, check bank accounts, schedule meetings , and even set reminders for important upcoming dates. Elon musk has even used networking to create a car that runs solely on electricity which as mentioned in today’s class is becoming the next big thing as apple has also discussed making an apple car of their own that runs on battery life. Networking has become something we rely on and as we continue to evolve so does the network that we have accepted into our world.


  1. Good work on this, but remember to include at least 2-3 quotes from the readings in every post. You must back up your statements from the readings. When yo mentioned that Elon Musk has “used networking” to create the Tesla cars, what aspects of networks do you mean?

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