Week 6

NFTs are Non-fungible tokens. According to the article, What Are NFTs And Are They Here To Stay?, “An NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset, often artwork, that’s not unlike your regular JPEG file. The difference is it’s cryptographically authenticated, meaning the author or creator is verified within an immutable and unchangeable digital record. For some, it’s the future of artwork. For others, it’s a passing fad.” I guess my question is, is this like Crypto-currency like Bitcoin? This article raises the question, are they legit investments? NFTs are made for collectible items and in game addons. I think it’s a waste and shouldn’t even be in existence, especially with Al the NFT scams going on. According to the article, Since they aren’t well-understood by the investing public, there’s bound to be scammers and frauds out there willing to capitalize on ignorance or misunderstanding. Therefore I think it’s bad for the internet because of scammers who want to take advantage and unknowing victims.

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