Are NFT’s Good or Bad?

NFT’s is a “blockchain-based digital asset, often artwork, that’s not unlike your regular JPEG file. The difference is it’s cryptographically authenticated, meaning the author or creator is verified within an immutable and unchangeable digital record. For some, it’s the future of artwork. For others, it’s a passing fad.” Based on where technology is going, NFT’s are good for the internet. They bring all audiences of all interests online. A potential effect could be that a person can look at an NFT and reduce it to nothing but a gambling tool. According to Forbes,” Much like VR environments, NFTs lend themselves well to online video games. NFTs can allow players to purchase and retain ownership of unique digital items such as skins, armor or weapons. Unlike centralized in-game purchases and microtransactions, NFTs could be created and sold by the players themselves.” With NFT’s lending itself to be user friendly to gamers all across, Virtual reality items are always in high demand.

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