What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have to society?

Wireless and mobile media have had a huge impact on society. According to the article, “Without doubt, mobile telephony offers enormous advantages and added convenience, greater personal security, and the ability to take advantage of ‘dead’ time to do business on the move.” One example is Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi used to be only used in homes with the help of a router or such. Now most public places offer free Wi-Fi. They do this because places like restaurants, cafes, etc want to be serviceable to its customers and by doing this they will attract more customers. Anyone who has internet access can video chat their friends, chat online, watch movies and TV on Netflix, prime video, Hulu, etc. Wi-Fi also helps with download speeds. Download speeds tend to be very low when using just a data plan, but with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 5G, download speeds can go up to 100 mb/s. Society should be pretty happy with the many advantages Wi-Fi has brought them.

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