What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have to society?

Because technology is constantly growing, we, as consumers and people, are easily influenced by technology and the digital era. One of the greatest inventions of all time is the mobile phone. People can conduct ordinary tasks with mobile phones since they are tiny enough to fit in their hands. a device that you can carry around with you. A smartphone’s convenience is unparalleled, which is why it is considered one of the best technologies. Because they are there to entertain, assist, and give ease for your everyday life, mobile media has the same effect as a smartphone. In the article “Social Impacts The Telephone And The Cell Phone Has Had On Society” states “Mobile telephony is without doubt one of the most explosive developments ever to have taken place in the telecommunications industry.” I believe that the most significant impact that wireless and mobile media have on society is simply the ease with which it can be assimilated into someone’s life without causing any disruptions, if anything, it may actually help them.



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