What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have made to society?

The internet hasn’t only been groundbreaking for the last 20 years but it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop being innovative. For example, the usage of wifi. Before, wifi could only be accessed in people’s homes and businesses but that isn’t the case anymore. Now wifi is everywhere, from the local park to NYC Buses and subway trains. Jonah Brucker-Cohen, author of WiFi-Hog: From Reaction to Realizationstates, If I remember the way NYC Wireless, etc started out, the very act of putting up public wireless nodes was to exert territoriality – we were claiming the public parks as free Wi-Fi zones, and betting that these would deter pay providers from locating there. To a large degree this has turned out to be an accurate prediction. We were also trying to re-contextualize networks within local places, grounding them in real urban communities rather than having them exist in some kind of an abstract non-geographic cyberspace”. Not only has the internet made it’s mark on this generation but generations to come. Case in point, the use of emojis and how they are used as some communication symbols. 30-40 years ago that would’ve been unimaginable because the telephone was the big thing and mobile phones weren’t even an idea yet. To see how far we’ve come by having mini computers in our pockets in terms of a smartphone’s  capabilities. People of the previous generation would look at an iPhone or the Samsung phone as complicated but having to revert back to pressing the big numbers on the phone to dial somebody would be challenging to those of today.

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