Blog #2: Content Creation

Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

People create content for various reasons. To make money, to connect with others, or to get their opinions heard.  Likes, comments, and posts we publish on social media may appear insignificant, yet they are important. We all delve into our addictions, desires, concerns, and joys, which are all part of what makes us human. What’s especially fascinating for marketers and content creators is that the most common method we work on our self-presentation is through goods—buying and obtaining items that represent who we are. We do this to keep our connections intact. We add value to our relationships and cement our closeness when we favorite and like each other’s postings

Most marketers believe that content creation is crucial. Long-term advocacy is built through engagement—as much interaction as possible. Some people publish to raise awareness about a particular topic or cause that they care about. Bill Joy expresses his fear about the future of technology and how it is continually evolving in his article “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us.” Machines and technology are the future, and they are continually being designed to outperform humans in many tasks. This article was incredibly enlightening because he made extremely valid points: the future of technology is both frightening and enlightening.

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