Why are networks important elements of digital media?

As the years have passed we have seen technology grow and evolve into new and innovated inventions. Networks are an important elements of digital media because it helps coordinate, communicate, and collaborate. Digital media can be used in a way to create, view, modified and listen on any digital technology. Digital media is used all around the world because it is easily accessible from an on hand item like a smartphone. Digital media can not be fully developed with the systems of networks because they both work hand in hand. In the article “Taming Complexity“, it states, “Today, more than twenty new companies exploit the increasing knowledge of social networks, with applications from discovering business contacts to dating services.” Network is an important element that digital media needs because it can lead to many different outcomes and inventions. Digital media can be used as a great marketing tool for any company or small business. As stated in the article “Viral Marketing for the Real World” many people used the viral marketing tactic to go viral, whether it’s a product or person, digital media and networks are used during this process. In my opinion one doesn’t do great work without the other.

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