Blog 2- A Week without Google and Facebook

Essentially, I believed this assignment would be very very easy for me considering how I don’t have any social media platforms on my phone like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I havent for about 2 years now and I do not regret it, but this is not a Social Media assignment this is Google we are talking about. A necessity in life! Well my generation’s life and I am speaking for myself. Google isn’t necessarily a Social Platform, it’s more of a platform that computes data. Although I do not use social platforms Google I use a lot. The first day wasn’t so hard. The next day wasn’t too bad, but it was worse. The third day I had an Economics Exam and it was over. I was on Google almost all day trying to search up explanations for questions, sometimes it didn’t even have to do with economics. I use Google for my Job, School and Social life. Facebook on the other hand was kind of easy. Facebook, as I like to say, is too raw for my taste. I got off of Facebook for the simple fact that I saw something that no one should ever see ever in their lifetime… I never looked back. Life is not difficult when Google or Facebookis removed, it’s just boring. I’m not the smartest person in the world and Google has a lot of things that I won’t really come across so easily. It is very convenient among other things. That’s like if a teacher told you “Please read Life of Pi and explain in a 1 page paper what happens to the tiger?”. You will most likely search up what happens to the tiger before you have to read the whole book to figure it out. It’s just convenient.

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