How is Crowdsourcing changing methods of labor on the internet?


Crowdsourcing is changing the methods of labor on the internet by taking away labor jobs for a business as small as taking photos. In the article “ The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe it states “Menashe emailed Harmel to say that, regretfully, the deal was off. “I discovered a stock photo site called iStockphoto,” she wrote, “which has images at very affordable prices.” That was an understatement. The same day, Menashe licensed 56 pictures through iStockphoto—for about $1 each. This showed that instead of having someone take pictures for them for a very cheap amount if you were to ask me they decided to hire an app to provide them with photos for just a dollar each. There are so many tools now on this internet that we can use to replace simple jobs to help build certain businesses. The other day I was just stating to my friends that you don’t need people to record you if you want to become a Youtuber, there are video cameras out there that can help you do it yourself and apps that can help edit your video for you. Many people would even offer to just do jobs for free without any money so that they could just get their content out there for say famous celebrities. For Example in the article by The Atlantic “ The Blurring Line Between Amateur and Professional,” states “there is no shortage of people–some of them quite knowledgeable and talented–who would gladly write for the Times op-ed page for free”. By people just being hired to do jobs for free others can see your work and that will be worth more money in the end. I agree when it is stated that the line between professionals and amateurs is blurring, simply because what older professionals are used to can no longer be anymore. Many people prefer the charm rather than the content and that is what is different about this generation. Crowdsourcing allows professionals nowadays to receive service and content cheaper than anyone could in the years before simply because there have now been replacements in any industry like Photagapjhy like the example stated above.

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