What is the biggest impact wireless and mobile media have made to society?

The biggest impact to me would be in fact the mobility that has came with wireless and mobile media, society relies on our mobile devices to stay in consistent connection with networks which allows us to constantly use it for any day to day problems or situations that are bestowed upon us. it has allowed us to be more convenient but has also caused us to be more easily distracted when outside. Just like in class today with the video you shared professor, a lot of people conflict serious injuries on themselves due to distraction caused by the mobile device BUT we in fact have complete control of that distraction , society just chooses to make excuses for not simply adjusting and refocusing their attention span to their surroundings. An episode of South Park actually exposed this when one of the main protagonists purchased a cell phone and he is seen using it without paying attention to his surroundings to the point where he almost gets hit by a car, when called out on it his reason was he suffers from anxiety and that the cell phone helps with it *laughing emoji* . the impact was truthfully meant to be more positive than negative but for some it’s more negative than positive and vise versa yet we have the ability of making it more positive than negative; in fact we are to blame OURSELVES for why it is such a negative impact.

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