Why do people create content online ? Blog #2

the creation of content online by we the people has grown rapidly and still continues to do so as technology evolves which allows us to be more creative with it.  when a content is created that may cause a sense of amazement and entertainment, we often feel like the right thing to do is to share it with our peers who we would rightfully assume that they as well would be intrigued by the same content we had just finished seeing. Many times we find ourselves even taking the easy way out and just sharing it on our social media pages where our friends and families will respond to it and possibly even post it themselves. Content can be used to provide laughter, raise awareness , and even provide motivation along with a powerful message that will not only be verbally transmitted but also visually expressed fur better understanding. For example , there is a IG individual with a Instagram username called “Dhar.mann” where all his videos represent a situation along with consistent dialogue that ends with a powerful message to motivate people to be a better version of themselves, not judge a book by it’s cover, and to always be kind to others anyway you possibly can. I personally love his videos because of how inspirational they are and never feel the urge to skip any of them when I come across them on my feed on instagram. Should watch some of them professor so you can see what I mean !

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