A week without google or Facebook

I accepted this challenge but was unable to blog about it until now , quite frankly as I stated in class Facebook does not even exist for me due to the fact that I deactivated my account. google on the other hand though I wanted to cry, I use google for almost everything and anything. Sometimes for research on homework assignments but also when I attempt to search for a product that I have no idea where it could possibly be sold, I also use it to see the market value on certain sneakers that I want to add to my collection. google has without a doubt become the “Go To” search engine for many of us , more crucial to the number of students that rely on google for studying purposes, but you know what they say if there is a will there is a way ! it is all about mentally motivating yourself and looking forward to the positive results. this also helps us students discover other search engines that we did not even know existed or remembered that it existed


Did I hear someone say ” remember bing !?”

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