Crowd Sourcing – a useful marketing strategy

Crowd sourcing is best defined as a process that consist of collecting information, data, and opinions from various large groups of individuals in the internet, the people involved can be paid or unpaid depending on the circumstances at hand. The groups of people that are involved with crowd sourcing are typically used to help companies with services that involve voting or small tasks that when the conclusions are gathered together may give companies the answers they have been looking for. A great example would be lays, as mentioned in class the potato chip company Lays gave consumers the opportunity to also become producers by creating their own creative flavor in which if chosen by a high number of voters would be officially made by lays and sold on the shelves, what did this do ? this in fact gave Lays the opportunity to connect with their consumers while also giving them new flavor ideas to keep the company relevant in the potato chip market. the beauty of this is in fact that this was all done online, this reminds me of a statement made by author Constance Gustke in the article “crowd sourcing to get ideas & perhaps save money”; The statement says ” some of the best business ideas are inspired by others” . In this case, Lays chose to allow their consumers to express ideas on a new flavor for the potato chip brand which in the end proved to be a successful experiment since it saved the company time AND money. Crowd sourcing is changing the labor on the internet by allowing consumers to also become producers by doing what consumers do on a regular for free regardless and that is by using an electronic device to access the internet.

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