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For the better part of the last 10 years, more and more people have ventured into the world of social media and content creation. People’s reasons range from displaying their talents to entertainment and daily blogs. Since essentially the turn of the century, people have had an online presence but it was far and few between until MySpace which wasn’t until the mid to late 2000’s. With that internet exposure, it results in fame, recognition and other famous and non famous people wanting to work with that person. Micro and macro celebrities such as musicians like The Weeknd or Justin Bieber to comedians like DC Young Fly or cardi b. So to a novice, a lot of people look at them and think “if they made it like that, I can to”. But what they all have in common is that they took a platform like YouTube and Instagram and marketed themselves and know they have a massive following 

As far as the business and logistics side of things goes, even they are seeing the benefits to online presence and creation. According to “Is Google Making Making Us Stupid”, author Nicholas Carr writes, ‘The advantages of having immediate access to such an incredibly rich store of information are many, and they’ve been widely described and duly applauded. “The perfect recall of silicon memory,” Wired’s Clive Thompson has written, “can be an enormous boon to thinking.” The effects that the internet has had on society, has changed the course of history. For instance, every streaming service has an ad as part of its algorithms. Societally everyone can find their purpose online no matter their interests whether it’s news, sports, or even politics. It’s a garden littered with material for everyone. So the more people that use it, the more intuned people are. “The more pieces of information we can “access” and the faster we can extract their gist, the more productive we become as thinkers.” More viewers means more content which means more ads so it’s somewhat a win-win situation for everyone involved. The audience is satisfied and the creators get paid as well. 


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