A Week Without Facebook Assignment

Attempting to go a week without Google and Facebook products was extremely hard for me. It showed me how much I search up people, places, and things online. It has become an instinct. Whenever I don’t know something or want to figure something out, I immediately click on Google. This includes not just for personal use, but for educational use as well. When completing assignments I always have Google open. I even have it open right now. I constantly use it to double check things, look for words, tools, and so much more. Google has become a part of my everyday life. I guess it has become a necessity. I no longer have use for dictionaries, libraries, and the numerous other tools that I once used before. I wouldn’t say that I am addicted or that I couldn’t live without these products, but my life would be much more different and definitely much more difficult without them. I would be burdened and at a disadvantage as knowledge and information would no longer be accessible by simply unlocking my phone, or computer and opening an app.




  1. Thanks for being honest about how much power these companies have over your life. Part of the challenge was for you to uncover how much if an impact they have on you and what it would feel like not using them for a week.

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