A Week Without Google or Facebook Assignment

The ability to last a week without Google or Facebook platforms wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. Not only has it shown that how much everything has essentially shifted to technological production as well as society’s use for it. For example, Google itself is now out on electronic dictionaries, thus rendering physical books and libraries useless. Using it for school is essential and even out of school, we feel that urge to use it to search up a word or to quickly read an article to pass time. As luck might have, I wouldn’t say I’m addicted or reliant but I’d say the use of technology has become a good fallback option. Even though we’re in a global pandemic and we’ve been staring at computers for the better part of 18 months, I’ve set out time within a to read physical books since I prefer reading physical books instead of online books. When weather allows, go outside and workout. Overall, life wouldn’t be so much difficult but rather an adjustment without the help of Google with any mental logjam as well as opening up a phone and clicking on an app. 


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