Designing with Technology Part 3

The app that I have chosen to prototype is the app that I presented for my midterm project called This is Me. To reiterate the idea of that app, This is Me is designed to aid people of all ages with body positivity and self-love despite what the media perceives as beautiful, who the media depicts as beautiful, and who they depict as the opposite. The app will teach people to appreciate who they are and what they look like, as well as how to ignore who or what tells them they need to change themselves. To stay true to themselves, rather than trying to constantly fit what is deemed as idealistic and the norm. With this app people will be able to post, and share themselves and their stories in reaching self-love and happiness internally and externally. This app will limit and eventually eliminate self-doubt and self-hate overall, decreasing the numbers of suicides, anorexia, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia among people of all ages, races, genders, religions, upbringings, and social backgrounds.


  1. Nice concept but is there anything interactive in the App? When I click it nothing happens. Please try to add some interactivity to the demo so we can see how it might function. Thanks!

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