App prototype

My app idea is similar to my Midterm project idea, UpCycle, which is an app that solves unethical fabric sourcing in the fast fashion industry to help promote sustainability. UpCycle will bridge the gap between the company that wants to change and the consumer who doesn’t know where to start. The prototype concept that I created genuinely focused on functionality more than the aesthetic drive. With that being said, I wanted to show how people can go into the app, find a drop-off location and earn valuable points that turn into cash incentives. After app users donate their clothing and receive their rewards, UpCycle will help them figure out how to build their new closet moving forward. The app will provide users with tips on where to shop, what pieces to buy, and how to remain fashion-forward while remaining environmentally conscious.


  1. Looks good but you need to use Framer for your prototype. We aren’t using because it limits sharing.

  2. Link share is not working – Please move to Framer.

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