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Places I’ve Traveled To

Designing with Technology I tried designing two Venn Diagrams within one.

Designing with Technology

When we think of maps, we commonly think of communicating from point A to B. They also point out hot places for us visiting new places such as restaurants, malls, piers etc. Now where mapping and stuff becomes more politicized is voting and stereotypes. For example, for states in this country that vote predominantly red …

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Mapping Best Bicycle Shops in NYC

Maps – Best Halal Places NYC

Map Link Assignment

Designing technology part 2- why are maps important ?

From my perspective I feel like maps play a crucial role in our activities that include having to travel from one destination to the next, it allows us to have a solid route to the destination saving us time and frustrations from getting lost or going the wrong way. Google has also taken things up …

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Designing With Technology 

Designing with Technology- Circles of a flower

I tried to create a flower, using many circles.

Mid term presentation

Presentation   Presentation