Why do people create content online? What drives them to post, tag, and follow?

There is a vast multitude of reasons for someone to create content online. One inherent and consistent fact of doing this is that it is done for people online to see and view. Every other reason for or aspect of online content creation is malleable. One might create content online as an expression of themselves, to find community with like-minded individuals, to bring entertainment to others to spread a certain message,  and countless other reasons. Another massive aspect of online content creation is that all of the reasons mentioned above and more can be monetized online, leading to a possible job.

However, even if you’re not monetizing your content online, what drives people to post, tag and follow on every social media sites is the serotonin and dopamine rush that comes with watching follower, subscriber, and like counts rise. Social media is a large source of validation for younger people who are lonelier than ever.  The corporations behind these sites are away of their influence and design their algorithms in ways that keep people addicted to social media statistics.

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