Are the tools of digital media impeding or expanding our knowledge?

The tools of digital media are definitely expanding our knowledge, and things are now more accessible than ever. However, this all comes with a major disadvantage: nothing you ever post on any of these digital media platforms is forgotten. One reason which I believe would lend to the success and expansion of digital media and the internet is that it is “a remarkably multifaceted tool that has experienced an exponential growth and embedded itself in the daily lives of a vast number of people” as stated by Anna Notaro in her article “The Lo(n)g Revolution: the Blogosphere as an alternative Public Sphere”. Similar to a flow chart, the Internet connects things even with the slightest correlation and allows for new content to be developed and researched which is one of its many applications and ways in which it expands our knowledge. Yet it also serves another purpose; one of archiving and storing information. Information which most of the time is willingly given or used without our direct consent by government agencies such as the FBI and NSA as stated by Tom Owad in his article of Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists. Despite the moral and legal dilemma of such a function, we can’t argue against its convenience and resourcefulness.

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