Blog #2

This week’s blog was to spend a week without using any Google and Facebook Products. Personally, this was a very hard assignment and if there were a grade I would fail miserably. Google and Facebook being the most popular engines and companies in the world own many companies that are included in my everyday use. Companies that I used often that are owned by Google and Facebook are FitBit, YouTube, Waze, Instagram, and  WhatsApp. To not use these applications for a week including both, Google and Facebook showed me how much information these products hold and how much I rely on their products. For example, I use WhatsApp to communicate with different family members who are not in the country.  I usually like to send them messages throughout my week. Without WhatsApp, I realized it was the only application that I have to communicate with them easily and efficiently.  I tried different ways to contact my cousins but it was definitely harder than contacting them on WhatsApp. Also, I use Fitbit on a daily basis. I recently lost 100 pounds and my FitBit has contributed to my weight loss journey tremendously. When I took off my FitBit for the week, I had to estimate how many calories I burned during my workouts and for the day. Sometimes estimating is not accurate and the FitBit has many qualities that I was used to calculating my calories for workouts, my heart rate, and the time.  During the week I found myself checking my wrist, even when nothing was there. Overall, this was a great experiment and I noticed that technology has both emotional and physical attachments to me. Google and Facebook have influenced the world and their products solve many problems.



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