A Week without Google and Facebook

This assignment was probably the hardest thing I needed to do in a long time. Because Google, for me, is a way of life, it’s where I find my answers and where I get my news. With that being said I was only able to complete this assignment for 5 hours. At first, it was quite refreshing as I went outside for a walk and enjoyed the present. Nevertheless, that excitement quickly left, and my stress arose as I was concerned that I would be receiving important emails on my Gmail account. One thing that I wrote down while taking notes was how weird it felt knowing that Google was off-limit. Even though my time was short-lived in this assignment, It truly made me realize how important these sites were in my daily life. Moving forward, I will consider starting to monitor how much time I spend on these sites. I think it can be a fun idea to make schedule changes. Overall, this assignment was fun until I realized how much power Google has in my life and will probably not be re-doing this one.

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